Winter in Tirol

Winter in Tirol

I just got home, from a very special roundtrip of winter in Tirol. This roundtrip is very know amongst our travelers, because it’s one of the coziest trips in the winter-season. Read all about it!


A real fairytale in a very special spot in Austria. Tirol is a place where you can come to rest and enjoy the beauty of nature. Here you can go on hikes trough the mountains, valleys and around different lakes. The locals are very traditional, which you can see in the use of traditional clothing, habits and lovely music.

We stayed in Tirol for 7 days and visited a lot of nice places. Below you can see the schedule day by day.


Day 1: Belgium- Tirol


On the first day the travel-group will meet the driver and me, their tour guide. On this day we will drive 800 kilometers and arrive in Tirol at dinnertime. It will be a long drive, but not a boring one! We shall pass beautiful sights and important cities along the way, of which I shall provide enough information about. For instance we will drive through the valleys of Arh & Mosel, very know for the exquisite wine. We will drive past Stuttgart which is know as a big congress-centre and it’s industrial labour for the brands like Mercedes-Benz & BOSCH. I will also tell you about Beethoven when we pass the famous city of Bonn.


Day 2: Galtür – Landeck 

The second day we shall drive towards Wirl where we can spot the first skiing area. From there we will drive to Galtür, where we visit the beautiful church with its famous Mary statue. Did you know that Galtür became world famous after the terrible avalanche in 1999? This was a very sad happening, in which a lot of tourists and locals died. In Galtür, we will depart on a beautiful nature hike (4km) trough the snowy fields, next to the river Trisanne through the forest. This hike takes us to the village of Ischgl, where we can see some animals at the Wilderhutte. Here we can enjoy a nice cup of thee and some lunch. After our lunch we will drive towards Landeck, where we shall see the famous castle.


Day 3: Ehrwald & Moosalm


In Erhwald we have a nice morning walk, trough the small village with some beautiful sights of the mountains. At the end of our walk we visit the ski-area, where we can see small children practicing their skills. Then we have a visit to a real ‘Schnappsbrennerei’. This is a factory where they produce the famous local liquors. Here we have a guided walk and learn all about the different steps of producing the Schnapps. At the end we have the opportunity to taste the sweets and even take some home!

In the afternoon we visit the Moosalm, where our horse and carriage awaits. We will enjoy a nice tour in the gardens, including some nice nature-hikes. At the Moosalm you can relax and enjoy nature!


Day 4: InnsbruckDSC_3278

What would our roundtrip be, without visiting the main capital?

Of course we will visit the medieval city of Innsbruck! Very know due to its different empires, like the famous Maximilian of The Habsburgs. And Maria Theresia, who also have a love for Innsbruck, which is shown in the renovations of the Hofburg in Vienna- Rococo-style.


We will make a city-walk along the famous sites; The Basilica of Wilten, The Hofburg, The court-church, the golden roof, the city tower, the Triumphal Arch and the beautiful view over the Inn river. Don’t forget to visit Swarovski along the way! Did you know these famous crystals come from Austria? In Innsbruck you will find one a the worlds largest Swarovski stores.

Tip: Visit the cenotaph of Maximilian in the court-church. It’s quite a particular sight,  it is a tremendously big monument, but the grave is empty!

Do you enjoy Italian food at a fare rate? Have lunch at Mama Mia, near the Inn.


Day 5: Seefeld – Mittenwald


One of the most beautiful winter resort is Seefeld. A lot of the austrian and german elite visit this place each winter. Our group will visit the beautiful church in the morning and afterwards we start a hike around the ‘Blindsee’ (lake).

After lunch we visit the lovely town of Mittenwald in Bavaria. We have to cross the border to Germany to reach it, but it is worth the drive! It’s a known village due to the famous violin-maker Matthias Klotz.

You can visit his house, which holds an interesting violin and musical museum. Don’t forget to take your camera with you because this town is also known for its 18th century facade-paintings.

Afterwards we return towards Tirol, via Garmisch-Partenkirchen. Here we can see the world-famous Ski-jump-rank, known for the new year’s jumping and the Olympic Games.


Day 6: Nassereith – Dormitz

foto 4 (3)During our last day in Tirol, we will explore the surroundings of the valley of ‘Gurg’l in Nassrreith & Dormitz. Here we can enjoy a nice hike trough the forest, the wide fields, surrounding the lake. By means of this hike we will get a better knowledge about the small villages of the valley of ‘Gurgl’ and their locals. In the afternoon we will mount ‘The Gurgltalexpress’- train for an optional ride and you can even try the local sport ‘Stockschiessen’!


Day 7: Tirol – Belgium

On day 7 we will be heading back towards Belgium. We sadly have to say goodbye to the lovely and beautiful Tirol, but hopefully we will see each other back in summertime!



Extra: In Tirol you will not be bored in the evenings because we have something special planned for you. So do not forget to take your dancing shoes, because you will be entertained in a traditional manner by locale dance-companies and musicians. We will also have a evening walk with lit up-torches, to take us to a special Tirol-hut, where we will enjoy a night a pure amusement. Every night, traditional entertainment at your service!

If you have any questions about this beautiful roundtrip, or you would like to join? Please do not hesitate and send me a message. See you in Tirol!

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