Maiden Voyage Costa Diadema

Maiden Voyage Costa Diadema

Tomorrow I will have the pleasure to sail away on a very special cruise, the Costa Diadema!

Cities we shall visit: Savona, Marseille, Barcelona, Palma de Mallorca, Napels & La Spezia.
(Countries: Italy, France &  Spain)


Do you love discovering a lot of different destinations in a small period of time? In comfort of complete luxury, good food and a high standard of service?

Maybe cruising is the way to travel for you? On a cruise-ship you can enjoy the comfort of always available luxury treatments in food, relaxation and entertainment.

If you have the chance of being on a cruise-ship with me, you are even more lucky! Because I will daily provide information about the next cities we visit. Furthermore I shall prepare you for embarkation, life on board and of course disembarkation. I will always be available for any questions or problems, which you may have. Because of this, you will always be up to speed with the latest news, in order to continue to relax on you well-deserved holiday.


This time I have to pleasure to go on board the ‘Costa Diadema’.

This is the newest fleet of the cruise-company ‘Costa’. This ship is also called ‘The queen of the Mediterranean’, due to the fact she is the largest cruise-ship sailing under the Italian flag. Costa Cruises has invested approximately €550 million in the Diadema, which is 306m long and 37,2m wide. On board there is space for 4’947 passengers, which shall be joined by a crew of 1’253 people.



postdiademeblogThe ship is decorated by means of luxury and beauty. The name of the ship says it all, did you know ‘Diadema’ means crown? To put it into Costa’s words; ‘A design which is based on the emotional impact which passengers will endure like living a dream. This is the cure intention of the project of Joseph Farcus, a well-known architect who has been working with Costa since 2000.



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I am very curious about the ship as well and will of course keep you posted! You can search for actual feed, tips & tricks of each destination, on my Facebook-page.

A final review will be posted on this website.


I wish you all pleasant time while cruising.

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