Cruise Costa Diadema Final Review

Cruise Costa Diadema Final Review

We just arrived home from a wonderful 8-day cruise on the Mediterranean Sea, with Costa Diadema. Here you can read the review!

Like mentioned before, the Costa Diadema is the newest fleet at cruise-company ‘Costa’. It is also called ‘The queen of the Mediterranean’, due to the fact she is the largest cruise-ship sailing under the Italian flag. Costa Cruises has invested approximately €550 million in the Diadema, which is 306m long and 37,2m wide. On board there is space for 4’947 passengers, which shall be joined by a crew of 1’253 people.

All of these fact were very clear once you arrived on board. There were a lot of new things to discover and sometimes it was very crowed in certain area’s, mostly at the guest service desk. In this review I will give useful tips of each harbor and review the ship itself.

As expected all of the decorating were very luxurious and beautifully over the top. There are lots of different areas, rooms and scenes available, all in their own typical style, designed by artists. On the ship you can find a lot of blue tone colors, which create a fresh and exuberant feeling.




Personally, I enjoy sitting in the lobby at deck 3, especially on the night of Gala. Here you have the best views of the well-dressed guests, who are flaunting around their beautiful garment and are walking up and down the glass stairs. U will also be entertained by live music and the beautiful glass-elevators moving up and down.




good tip to remember: You can walk up and down the ship’s on deck 4 & 5. Therefore you can always find you way back, when you get stuck in between different floors. On deck 5 you also find a walking-promenade on the exterior of the ship, where you can walk the whole way round. Here you can enjoy nice evening-strolls without being bordered by strong winds.



Did you know there is a real beer-cafe on board? Here you can find 3 different kinds of Belgian beers on tap! The café is spread into 2 floors and has a nice cosy feeling like a pub in Belgium or Germany. There are also musicians who play german-folk music. If you fancy a party you can join ‘Beerfest’, which is being held multiple times each cruise.


Next to the different bars & activities there are some special restaurant, where you can enjoy themed dining. For instance, the Pizzeria, Samsara & Club-restaurant. My personal favorite was the Teppanyaki-restaurant, especially because of the entertainment. Each night you could see people watching outside the windows just to get a glimpse of the spectacle. Please be aware that on board this ship, there is no buffet in the evenings. The buffet restaurant turns into á la carte at dinner time.


DSC_0477The Grand bar is a nice place to hang out and relax in the evenings. Here you do not only have entertainment crew games. You will also find professional dancers and even dance competitions! One of the guest of our group even won first price at the competition. That was a great night.


Of course you can also find a beautiful and massive theatre on board. Here you can enjoy high-standard quality shows on a daily basis. My favorite was the Circus act, where I enjoyed the magic on the tip of my seat. This theatre is build over 3 separate floors, which gives you overwhelming feeling. It is worth being amazed night after night by the artists. Go and enjoy the show.

During our trip everything went very well. There was no storm at sea and our captain was a good skilled and competent man. The sailing schedule didn’t endure any sudden changes, therefore we could discover each city to the fullest.


We only had 1 day ‘at sea’, therefore we had a lot of different cities to see in 8-days time. During our day at sea I provided a guided tour of the ship, where I showed all the special places on board. Did you know there is a 4D-cinema and a lazermaze? There is also a chapel, if you are in need of a religious moment. Would you like to enjoy a good read? Hit up the library, with it’s new e-book readers, which you can lead for free.

For people who like to shop, this ship is a paradise! You can find a shopping-promenade with a whole ranch of different shops. You will endure a feeling of a shopping mall, with brands such as; Desigual, Calvin Klein, Versace, Gucci, Mont Blanc, Chanel, Vespa,…


The harbor cities

1. Marseille


Did you know Marseille is one of the oldest cities in France? When you love culture, you are at the right spot! You will find different kind of museums when walking out of the harbor into the old town. Not to mention the beautiful churches you will pass by. Marseille is also very known for its culinary standards, for instance try their grilled fish, chestnut leaves and Chateauneuf-du-Pape. At the moment Marseille is nicely decorated into the Christmas holiday theme. Some typical christmas souvenirs are ‘Le Moulin à huile’, which are little wooden christmas nativities, which you can find all over the christmas markets. And don’t forget to try the delicious beignets!



2. Barcelona

postbcmBarcelona is a very nice city to visit during a cruise. It is a metropolis which has everything to offer; shopping, culture, walking promenades, nice cafes, fine restaurants and a beach! U can easily explore the city by foot from Columbus square, which is fairly close to the cruise harbor. Some nice things to see while passing by for a short visit; La Rambla, Mercat St. Joseph & Barrio Gotic with all of its small alleys. If you would like to visit the Sagrada Familia, the houses of Gaudi, Park Guell & Mont Juic, I recommend you buy a ticket for one of the Hop-on Hop-off buses.


3. Palma de Mallorca

A beautiful city with spectacular architecture, cosy squares, nice tapasbars, lots of monuments, museums and of course some nice shopping areas. You can take the local bus towards the city centre and enjoy strolling around in the different streets and alleys. Next to shopping, enjoying some Sangria and tapas, the main attractions are The Cathedral, the Palace and the beautiful beaches. Did you know you can enjoy a ‘sweet christmas’ in Mallorca? On this island they serve a different kinds of sweets during the holiday season. Try one of these; ‘Turrons’, ‘Pastissets’ or ‘roscón de Reyes’.




4. Napels

DSC_0642Like Goethe said “Vedi Napoli e poi Muori”.

We only had a short period of time in Napels, but still you cannot miss the wonders. It is very famous for being a dirty city, but don’t forget to search for it’s inner beauty. Go exploring in the old historical centre and you will find the most beautiful squares and marketplaces. You will find churches on every street and even underground tunnels. This city is one big chaos, which you should actually enjoy, because this is exactly what gives Napels its lively character. TIP: When you get the chance, visit the Toledo underground station!


5. La Spezia


Save the best for last…because from harbor town La Spezia you can visit the beautiful parks of Cinque Terre! Very famous for its rocky bays with colorful houses stacked on top of it. You can easily explore this area by train when buying a Cinque Terre card. When you love hiking, you can also enjoy a good stroll in the UNESCO parks and walk from 1 village to the next. Enjoy the views, nature and the ghostly towns (in wintertime). In summer this area gets very crowded with tourists, so enjoy the peace and quiet for now.



It was a marvelous cruise. See you back next time!

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