Disneyland Paris at Christmas

Disneyland Paris at Christmas

In need of some inspiration for the holidays? I am going to ‘Disneyland Paris’ this weekend!

As a child I would always imagine a world full of wonders, where fairytales come to live. A place where dreams come true, where you can enjoy the wonders of Disney. A place where disney characters are alive for you to meet, and even shake hands!

Disneyland is a magical place to visit, especially during the holiday season.

Everything is decorated and lit up with special christmas lights. You will feel mesmerized by all the red ribbons and candy-cones.

Together with Micky and Minnie you can enjoy the wonders of themed music, entertainment and different rides. Do not forget to check the evening show at the Castle of Sleeping Beaty, with spectacular lights effects and fireworks.

It’s a definite must to visit the park during the christmas season!
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Where shall you spend the night?

If you are doubting about the different Disney hotels, I can definitely recommend ‘Newport Bay Club’ or ‘New York’. ‘David Crocket Ranch’ is always on sale and offers discount prices, please be aware this is also a lot less luxurious.

Did you choose a Disney hotel and do you have children of 3-10 years old of age? Then you should consider booking breakfast with the disney characters. I have seen this breakfast many times before and the children light up every time. It’s the perfect present!

If you would like to keep your stay more budget, you can always choose the other hotels nearby. For instance the IBIS hotel Marne la Vallée or Holiday Inn. There are free shuttle busses available to drive you to the park. Another smart choice is booking your stay with a tour operator, who offers you the complete package [bus trip + hotel + entrance park]. You will usually have smart prices.

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How to Survive your stay – TIPS:

You don’t mind sitting separately from your partner or family during rides? Then you should use the ‘Single-rides Lane’. Here you will find a significantly smaller waiting-cue, then at the regular lane. Especially at the newest ride ‘Ratatouille’, this would be a smart choice. You will be separated by entering the ride, but can meet up at the exit.

Visit the ‘FASTPASS’ machines at your favorite rides. Swipe your Disney entrance-card and you will receive a coupon with a set time. At that time you can revisit the ride by using the FASTPASS lane, which shall also decrease your time in cue. In the meantime you can already visit another ride.
Looking for free wifi? Check the Disney Village!

Any other specific questions about your visit? More tips & tricks?

Feel free to leave a message!

Have fun in Disneyland Paris!

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