A day in the city Breda.

A day in the city Breda.

Today I nostalgically visited the city of Breda, where I used to study at the university of Tourism.

Breda is the perfect place to enjoy a nice day of shopping in ‘Southern Dutch’ atmospheres. I will hereby give some tips and tricks to enjoy your day in Breda.



The city of Breda is the ideal place for shopping, you will find a lot of shopping streets across the market place in the historical city centre. Here you can find the famous shops likes; H&M, Zara, Jack & Jones, Xenos, America Today, Esprit and many more. You can also find special boutiques with luxurious or local brands.


There are two special shops, which I would love to mention;

Design winkel Breda

Do you enjoy a love for interior design? Check out ‘Woonwinkel Nova’. Here you will find nice second-hand stuff, which has been transformed into unique masterpieces for your interior design. You will also find hip, new materials en gadgets. The nice aspect of this store is the prices. You will not find it to be too expensive. There is also a very spontaneous and friendly business owner, who shall help you in a friendly manner.

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Do you enjoy a nice cup of tea, coffee of do you often enjoy a special brand of Tabaco and cigars? Then you should definitely take a peek inside ‘De Compagnie’. Here you will definitely find something to your loving.

If you love cigars, you can enter the special area of the store where you will be informed by professionals. You can by in boxes and singles, and even enjoy smoking them in the smoke-designed area and maybe enjoy a cup of coffee.

Because if you love coffee or thee, you can by it freshly made by the compagnie. You can also enjoy the smell of freshly burned coffee beans, which is done live in store!

Please check out the different kind of thee-pots before leaving. It is an amazing collection of interesting sights.

But do not only go shopping, you should also try one of the local sweets; ‘Bredase Turfjes’.

At the bakery Teurlings you can buy these sweets (already from the year 1960!). The ‘Bredase Truf is a delicious ____ with a historial background; It goes back to the story of the Trufship of Breda. A little piece of history; Prince Maurits of Nassau concurred Breda in 1590 by means of the trick of using the turfship. A trick, which became as famous as the horse of Troy.


TIP: Did you know that Breda, is very close by the border of Belgium? Therefore you can also enjoy some Belgian specialities! Like the delicious chocolate, Godiva and Leonidas, you can enjoy our perfect beer and at the Panos bakery, you will find typical Belgium buns. As I am Belgian as well, I always enjoyed these Belgian sweets, which made me feel right at home!


Making a City-Tour?

Maybe your partner wishes to go shopping, but you would like to enjoy a piece of history as well, exploring the city by means of a city tour? In that case, you can always contact me!

Breda is a typical ‘Nassau city’, which you can also see by means of the monuments you can find in het centre, which mostly date back to the Nassau-Orange era. On a nice stroll around het city, I will tell stories about the period and everything which lead to the upcoming of a modern and cosy city.

During our walk I would love to show you the following sights;

    • The Nassau-Baronie monument
    • The koepel-prison
    • Beguine court
    • Our Lady Church

    • The Spaniards hole
    • The Harbor
    • The Sas

I wish you all a nice day in Breda!

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